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8-1 Liposome MAP Concentrate serum
0751630013 Skin Whitening. Volume&Price: 30ml / USD.110
8-2 Liposome Tranexamic Acid concentrate serum
0751630014 Restrain Melanin Growth. Volume&Price: 30ml / USD.110
8-3 Liposome White Regenerating concentrate serum
0751630015 Reduce Melanin. Volume&Price: 30ml / USD.110
1-3 White Regenerating Make-up Remover Lotion
0751640013 The delicate creamy texture brings you comfort and refreshment, and gently removes makeup and dirt. It contains Shea Butter and organic cotton extract. The gentle makeups remove and skin refreshment t.. Volume & Price: 120ml/
2-3 White Regenerating facial cleansing gel
0751640014 The green tea formula makes your skin sooth after cleansing. The soft foam can remove dirt in the pore and represent smooth, moisturized, and radiant skin. Volume & Price: 120ml /
3-3 White Regenerating balancing toner
0751640015 The toner can help prevent hard and dark cuticle resulted from external environment. With continuous usage, your skin will be healthy, soft, and bright from the inside out. Volume & Price: 120ml /
4-3 White Regenerating Invisible Mask
0751640017 Moisturize and white your skin, and reproduce silky texture. Brighten your skin evenly, smooth uneven surface, fine lines and pore and make your skin silky smooth. Volume & Price: 30ml*5 /
11-3-A White Regenerating sun protection lotion 20
0751640011 Whiten and Nourish the Skin Prevent the Skin from Sunshine Volume & Price: 50ml /
11-3-B White Regenerating cream 11-3-B
0751640012 Reproduce moisturized and white skin. Repair uneven skin tone and stubborn spots and improve skin function. Effectively whiten dark spots and present birght and clear skin. Volume & Price: 50ml /
Home > Farmadermis > ★Whitening
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