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8-12 Liposome Apple Stem Cell Concentrate serum
0751630024 Anti-aging. Volume&Price: 30ml / USD.110
8-11 Liposome intelligent Concentrate serum
0751630023 Reduce Wrinkles and Ease off the Skin Line Growth. Volume&Price: 30ml / USD.110
1-11 Intelligent Make-up Remover clear oil
0751660011 The mild olive oil formula can be thoroughly dissolved by water; it can clean the pore deeply, sooth skin, and retain the water for the next skin care procedure. Removing makeup can be a pleasure! Volume & Price: 120ml /
2-11 Intelligent facial cleansing cream
0751660012 Amino acid is the moisturizing ingredient closest to skin condition; it is gentle and not irritating. The cleansing cream is produced by silk extract powder and is gentle with soft foam; your skin wil.. Volume & Price: 120ml /
3-11 Intelligent balancing Lotion
0751660013 This high performance balancing lotion can retain water, moisturize skin and smooth fine lines. It can make your skin young and bright. Volume & Price: 120ml /
4-11Intelligent Firming Mask
0751660015 The double lifting material can bring good care to your skin, bring elastic, moisturized skin condition. It can also improve anti-oxidant ability and firming condition, repair damaged skin and present.. Volume & Price: 35ml*5 /
11-11-A Intelligent sun protection lotion 20
0751660009 Fresh and not sticky texture. The lotion and improve self-protection of the skin from the damage of sun exposure, dry and tough texture and fine lines. The texture is light and breathable, giving your.. Volume & Price: 50ml /
11-11-B Intelligent Awakening cream
0751660010 Prevent Wrinkles and Nourish the Skin Volume & Price: 50ml /
Home > Farmadermis > ★Awakening
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